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RadComm RC17Watchdog
Low Level Radiation detection for small to medium weigh scales, pedestrian and area monitor applications.

Plug and play set up

Industry leading detection technology

Advanced ROI analysis

Simple operation with remote service capability

Easy to adjust alarm thresholds

Plug and Play Setup

The RC17Watchdog will arrive ready to protect your facility. All the operator needs to do is bolt the unit to the ground and plug the system into a 87-240 Vac power supply and the RC17WatchDog is ready to  go to work!

Large Detection Surface for Many Applications

The RC17WatchDog features a large 1054in3 (17.3L) of the highest grade Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) providing a wide angle-of-view to ensure the greatest area will be scanned at all times. This system is flexible enough for many applications from all material handling and storage equipment, small to medium size weigh scales, pedestrian and general area monitoring.   

Large Detection Surface for Many Applications

Utilizing RadComm’s unique ROI analysis technology ensures Low Level Radiation cannot escape the RC17WatchDog’s vigilant sight! At the push of a button the operator can choose to use the system’s default alarm settings or customize them to maximize sensitivity. Optional is network connectivity with RadComm’s exclusive RadView software. RadView software provides the user with view of the histogram for detailed analysis, logs every alarm event and has input fields for user comments.

Plug and play then detect away, in small but important areas.

RadComm RC17 Watchdog series Specification Summary