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RadComm RC2 Plus
Zero in on a potential radioactive source quickly and more effectively with an RC2PLUS.

Improved sensitivity and great response

Easy to use

Larger high definition display with multiple languages

Lightweight with longer battery life

Two versions: Basic with Total Count; or Advanced ROI Analysis.

Updated Design with Advanced Features

The Basic RC2PLUS automatically sets an alarm threshold over the total background count rate average, upon each start up.  This allows the RC2PLUS to detect very low radiation levels even when hidden by shielding, such as scrap metal, waste, or other dense materials. The RC2PLUS utilises a large internal, high grade PVT scintillator to maximise sensitivity.

The advanced RC2PLUS utilises both a PVT scintillator and a Geiger-Mueller Tube to perform ‘Region of Interest’ (ROI) Analysis which allows the operator to see the distributed gamma energies in a histogram form.  Specific alarms can be set for each ROI.  Additional features include Dose Rate Alarm, Data Storage and Graphing.

Upgradable for Increase Flexibility

At any time the RC2PLUS Basic can be easily upgraded to the Advanced version.  The Advance stores operator results which can be downloaded and saved as PDF’s via USB to RadComm’s PC software for further analysis.  Remote servicing/diagnostics and potential software updates can be achieved via a network connection with RadComm’s software.

New technology for express analysing (< 5min) Radon concentration in air by using low energy resolution PVT plastic scintillator and high energy resolution Lanthanum Bromide inorganic scintillator as the gamma-detectors.

Two versions: Basic with Total Count; or

Advanced with ROI analysis

RadComm RC2Plus series Specification Summary RadComm RC2 Plus portable radiation detector